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A sand blasting machine, as an important kind of surface processing equipment, can shoot abrasive to the target surface, making the surface get as rough as you wanted. Our MFYS-2000 roller sand blasting machine can be used for processing the rollers of the equipment in flour factory and edible oil factory. Besides, it is also suitable for sandblasting large and heavy duty workpieces such as various kinds of dies, grinding rolls, and so on.

1. While rotating the roller, two nozzles will be sand blasting. Thus the surface of the roller can be evenly roughened.
2. The blasting nozzles of the roller sand blasting machine are mounted at a sliding plate paralleled with the roller, and move with the sliding plate at an adjustable speed.
3. The useless abrasive (fine granules) will be extracted by the exhaust pipe and collected into a storage bin.

    In the model name MFYS-2000, the "2000" referred to as the length of the sandblasting room. This special abrasive blasting system is typically designed for blasting rollers. The parameters of our roller sand blasting machine are detailed in the form below.

TAG:   sand blasting machine
Type MFYS-2000
Roller Diameter (mm) 220~300
Max. Roller Length (spindle included, mm) 1850
Max. Blasting Length (mm) 1250
Max. Roller Weight (kg) 500
Dimension (L×W×H mm) 2200×1500×1800
Gross Weight (kg) 320


TAG:   sand blasting machine
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