Product Description

Our hydraulic roller grinding and fluting machine is widely used in various kinds of factories like flour mill, feed mill, oil mill, printing house, iron and steel plant, and roller plant for different kinds of roller fluting and corrugating operations.

1. Our hydraulic roller grinding and fluting machine is excellently manufactured according to an advanced design solution.
2. The hydraulic drive system of our fluting and polishing machine consists of hydraulic pressure pump station, high pressure tube, and seamless hydraulic cylinder. It features with high oil capacity and low working temperature.
3. The inclined guide rod equipped driving system is designed for up-and-down movements. The operation and angle adjustment are quite easy and convenient.
4. Personalized design and manufacturing are available for customer's special requirements.

Type Roller Diameter Teeth Number Max. Roller Length Spiral Corrugation Weight Shape Size
mm mm kg L × W × H (mm)
FMLY1000 200-300 150-1200 per circle 1000 ≤16:100 3800 3150×1400×1500
FMLY1250 230-350 1250 ≤16:100 5000 4050×1447×1520
FMLY1500 150-400 1500 ≤16:100 5200 4300×1600×2270


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