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Grain Hammer Mill





1. The special smashing solution has an excellent smashing efficiency which is 45%-90% higher than that of common mills.
2. Our hammermill is suitable for producing aquatic feed which is in relatively smaller size. Specifically, the hammer mill can handle small size particles with a diameter of 1mm or even 0.8mm, while the blocking phenomenon is greatly reduced.
3. The ventilation system is properly adjusted so that the material can go through the sieve quickly, and the pulverization compartment and the material can be kept at low temperature. Ultimately, the production capacity is greatly enhanced.
4. The material feeding speed is adjustable, and the sieves in this grain grinder can be conveniently changed.
5. The quantity of the hammer is doubled or tripled, making this hammer mill more versatile. The processed products can be in either coarse or fine granules. Besides the machine structure and processing procedure are both simplified, saving you much investment on equipment purchasing.





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