Product Description


Twin Screw Volumetric Feeder




Mainly comprised of the storing bin, bracket, beaters and detacher fittings, material reflux screw, gear motor and level detector.
lThe materials are added into flour steam through a screw feeder controlled by a various-speed gear motor. Beaters and detacher fittings can eliminate the choke inside the storing bin.
1) All contact parts are made from 304 stainless steel.
2) With twin screws for micro feeding
3) With mixing device in storage hopper for higher accuracy.
4) With low level sensor and alarm device
5) With digital read out.
6) Easy to install, operate and maintain.
- Can add different ingredients into the flour through this machine.
- Starch, gluten can also be added by this machine.
Technical Parameters:
1. Standard storage hopper volume (Dia.=400mm, H=500mm): 62.8L (volume can also be customized)
2. Feeding rate: 30g-1000g/min (1.8kg-60kg/hr) based on bulk density 0.5kg/L
3. Mixing motor: 220V, 90W
4. Twin screws motor: 220V, 90W
5. Accuracy: ±0.5% (for normal fluidity raw materials)
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