Product Description


TCRS Series Rotary Separator




Widely used in farms, mills, cereals shops and other grain processing facilities 

It is used to remove light impurities such as chaff, dust and others, fine impurities such as sand, small weed seeds, small chipped grains and coarse contaminants such as straw, sticks, stones, etc. from the main Grain.
1.Thanks to the stable steel structure, there is no vibration and dynamic loads when the machine is running;
2.Simple and metal-intensive construction ensures reliability;
3.Components from the leading Chinese manufacturers or International Brand;
4.Recycling air separation system does not require additional installation of the fan, cyclone and air purification;
5.Lowest of damaged grain that makes perfect performance in seed cleaning system;
6.Efficient cleaning of wet grain and grain contaminated with weed seeds;
7.Very easy to change the drum angle from 1о to 5о;
8.Kind of size for punched sieve opening make the machine is suitable for kinds of raw material and various usage; 
9.A serious model of separators for required productivity enables to choose the best option for grain cleaning complex.

Technical Parameter List:



Power of electromotor is indicated with the installation of the separator with the closed cycle of air ASO

Power of electromotor is indicated with the installation of the separator with the open cycle of air ASR
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