Product Description

Our DCSG series intelligent seed packer comes with adjustable feeding speeds (low, middle, high), special auger feeding mechanism, digital frequency technique and anti-interference technique. The automatic compensation and amending functions are both available.

This seed packing machine is suitable for the quantitative packing of loose and cohesionless materials (such as rice, wheat, plastic granule) in industries like food, grain, condiment, pesticide, fodder, chemicals, and so on.

1. The seed packer comes with high measuring accuracy, fast packing speed, reliable and stable working performance.
2. The automatic weighing, automatic count, and accumulative weight functions are available for this equipment.
3. A fault self-diagnosis program is available for this seed packing scale.
4. The matching sewing machine has automatic sewing and cutting functions.

Parameter/Type Weighing Range Weighing Speed Power Precision Installation Height
kg/bag bags/h kW % mm
DCSG-5 0.5-5 300-400 0.8 0.2 2200
DCSG-25 5-25 300-400 1.1 0.2 2650
DCSG-50Z 25-50 300-400 1 0.2 2650
DCSG-50K 25-50 400-500 1 0.2 2650
DCSG-100 25-100 360-500 1 0.2 2800


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