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As a reliable seed coating system, our premium 5B-5 seed coater comes with a spiral feeding mixer which is easy to adjust. The volumetric measuring device is used for grain coater, cotton seed coating equipment, and grass seed coating machine in a certain range. Coated with protective materials, pesticide, fertilizer, the seeds can grow much better after planted.

1. The bucket wheel, controlled by stepless frequency conversion technique, is used for feeding seeds, while the metering pump controlled by the same technique is used for feeding coating materials. The material ratio can be precisely controlled by our seed coater.
2. This seed treatment system adopts centrifugal spaying technique, multi-blade soft mixing technique, and mixing chamber inwall scraping device. Thus the seeds can be coated evenly, while the seed breakage ratio and noise are both lowered. The whole machine is quite easy to clean.
3. The seed coater comes with an automatic control system and a LCD operating interface. The coating solutions are supplied in a certain order and the supply channels are interlocked, ensuring that the seeds and coating materials are supplied and mixed synchronously, accurately, and stably. By this seed coating machine, the seed breakage and phytotoxicity risk can be effectively lowered.

Parameter/Type Capacity Total Power Ratio of Chemical Liquid to Seed Weight Shape Size
(t/h) kW kg L×W×H(mm)
5B-5 5 3.35 1:25-1:120 (Adjustable) 600 2230×1040×3080


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