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Rotary Aspirator




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Main structure and working principle

The equipment consists of frame, sieve, drawer-type sieve frame, single shaft vibrator, electric motor, suspender rod and other components.
The main component of rotary screen is the inclined screen surface , and every point on the sieve makes plane circular motion, and the material slide down in spiral by gravity on the sieve surface, and with the automatic grading property of the material, different sizes of impurities from the raw material are separated.




Technical Parameter List

Type Capacity Power Rotating speed Aspiration Volume Weight Screen rotation semidiameter Size
t/h kW rpm m3/h kg mm mm
TQLM100a 6~9 1.1 389 4500 630 6~7.5 2070×1458×1409
TQLM125a 7.5~10 1.1 389 5600 800 6~7.5 2070×1708×1409
TQLM160a 11~16 1.1 389 7200 925 6~7.5 2070×2146×1409
TQLZ200a 12~20 1.5 396 9000 1100 6~7.5 2070×2672×1409


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