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Roots blower, is also referred to as air blower or roots supercharger. It consists of four major components, namely housing, impeller, and silencers at the inlet and outlet. The three-vane structure and reasonable inlet and outlet structure have directly led to the low vibration and low noise properties. This kind of blower can be used in a flourmill for the positive pressure conveying.

1. The vanes and spindle are manufactured as an intact piece. The roots blower has a long service life and can run continuously.
2. As a PD (positive displacement) blower, it comes with high volume use ratio and high volume efficiency.
3. The structure is impact, while the machine can be flexibly installed.
4. The bearings are smartly chosen so that they roughly have the same service lives. Accordingly the whole machine's service life is also lengthened.
5. The oil seal component of the blower is high quality fluororubber which features with great high temperature resistance, anti-wear property and long service life.
6. This SSR series roots blower is available in different types and configurations which can meet your various needs.

Type Bore Rotary Speed (r/min) Air Volume (m³/min) Discharge Pressure (Pa) Power (kW) Shape Size L×W×H (mm)
SSR-50 50A 1530-2300 1.52-2.59 0.1-0.6 1.5-5.5 835×505×900
SSR-65 65A 1530-2300 2.14-3.51 2.2-5.5 835×545×975
SSR-80 80A 1460-2300 3.65-5.88 4-11 943×678×1135
SSR-100 100A 1310-2200 5.18-9.81 5.5-15 985×710×1255
SSR-125 125A 1200-2000 7.45-12.85 7.5-22 1235×810×1515
SSR-150 150A 860-1900 12.03-29.13 15-55 1335×1045×1730
SSR-200 200A 810-1480 29.55-58.02 22-37 1850×1215×2210
(The highest pressure of type H High Pressure Blower can reach 78.4KPa)


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