Product Description

Pneumatic Roller Mill




The machine for grain grinding

Widely used in Flour Mill, Corn Mill, Feed Mill and so on




The material level is controlled by the level sensor plate

The sensitive flow control and the accurate feeding reaction of the feed roller avoid frequent engage and disengage of grinding rollers, which is beneficial to lengthen the grinding roller's service life. The material after girinding will flow down by gravity or be lifted by suction. 




Feeding Roller

The feeding roller is controlled by cylinder whose reaction is sensitive.




Double metal centrifugal casting, high strength and good wear resistance. 
Unbalance of the dynamic balance ≤ 2g. 
Total radial run-out < 0.008 mm.
The shaft end is treated with 40Cr and the hardness is HB248-286.
Hardness of roller surface: Smooth roller is Hs62-68, tooth roller is Hs72-78. Besides, the hardness distribution is uniform, and the hardness difference of the roller is ≤ Hs4.




Blackening treatment

Blackening treatment is applied to belt pulley and other castings, which keep it from rust. And easy disassembly


Technical Parameter List:

Type Roller Length(mm) Roller Diameter(mm) Weight(kg) Shape Size(LxWxH (mm))
MMQ80x25x2 800 250 2850 1610x1526x1955
MMQ100x25x2 1000 250 3250 1810x1526x1955
MMQ100x30x2 1000 300 3950 1810x1676x2005
MMQ125x30x2 1250 300 4650 2060x1676x2005


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