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New Belt Conveyor


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Main structure and working principle

Rotor rollers support a ring belt running and transferring various kinds of material on it for a long distance.


new_Belt_Conveyor  new_Belt_Conveyor



- Simple design, low noise and easy to maintain.
- For all kinds of granular, powder, lumpish materials and bagged materials. 
- Optional rolling range of belt velocity (0.8m/s~4.5m/s). High speed brings high capacity and high efficiency.
- The equipment and the belt work stably without the belt deviation and making materials spray out. 
- Fixed type and moveable type are available. Horizontal or inclined installed. 
- The equipment is driven by motorized rollers or gear motors. 


- The suitable conveying length of the equipment is 10~250m, widely applied in grain, coal, mine, electric power factory, ports and other fields.




Technical Parameter List:

Type Capacity(t/h) Power(kW) Linear Speed(m/s) Width(mm)
TPDS50 80-100 Depending on the capacity 1-3 500
TPDS65 165-200 1-3 650
TPDS80 240-300 1-3 800
TPDS100 400-500 1-3 1000
TPDS120 580-700 1-3 1200
TPDS140 750-900 1-3 1400


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