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The gravity separator is an important kind of seed and seed processing machine. It is suitable for handling a range of dry granular materials. Specifically, after treated by air screen cleaner and indented cylinder, the seeds have similar sizes. Then they can be further processed by this gravity separator according to the granule's density-the under developed, immature, insect attacked, rotted, and germinant seeds will be separated. Besides, those impurities with similar granularity but very different weight will be also removed. After that, the processed seeds will have better thousand seed weight, germination rate, purity degree, and uniformity.

1. As a pneumatic separator, the air flow is provided by several centrifugal fans. Each fan comes with an independent stepless air volume controller, while a longitudinal controller is also available above the air flow outlet of the gravity separator.
2. The material discharging system adopts a (longitudinal/transverse direction) convertible multichannel mechanism. A material controller is also mounted in the vertical direction, thus the vibration and noise can be lowered, while the service life can be extended. The final separation performance is really desirable.
3. Around the sifter of the gravity separator, a dustproof cover is available so that the dust content in the plant can be effectively lowered. Through the cover, the material situation on the sieve can be easily monitored.
4. The vibration frequency can be adjusted steplessly and showed real-timely.

Parameter/Type Shape Size Power Capacity Weight Frequency Sieve Area
L×W×H (mm) KW t/h kg r/min m2
5XZ-5 3348×1628 ×2112 12.1 5 1900 300-500 4
5XZ-10 4190×1978×2680 14.1 10 2350 500-720 5.5


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