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Flow balancer




Online batching system

Flow balancer: Adopting the pressure sensor and single chip technology, it has similar working principle with Buhler, the difference is the actuator of Buhler adopts cylinder control gate, but we use the energy saving gear motor (≤40W) to control the slide gate, which not only greatly improved the wheat proportion precision and saved a lot of energy, but also not affected by temperature in winter.
Flow balancer is an independent closed loop control system, and a series of flow balancer forms an on-line wheat proportion system.
The wheat proportion system can be automatically controlled and adjusted according to the total amount and proportion determined by the clients, and the parameters of the system can be modified at random. The system can also be connected with the upper PC machine of the clients, therefore, the computer can control and print the report forms.
There is no mechanical blind space in the flow balancer; and the material flows by gravity, which ensures the integrity of weighing materials.

1) Control and balance materials flow.
2) Ensure the integrity of materials.
3) Flow parameters can be set according to requirements. 
4) Accumulative flow, instantaneous flow and set flow can be displayed.

5) High precision and strong adaptability.
6) Automatic alarm.
7) Automatic data protection when power fails.
8) Standard RS-485 serial communication interface


Flow-Balancer -2


Technical Parameter List:

Type Capacity(t/h) Precision (%) Voltage(%) Temperature(℃)
XMP-20F 0.4~20 ±1 220V±10 -20~+50
XMP-40F 0.4~30 ±1 220V±10 -20~+50
XMP-100F 1.0~80 ±1 220V±10 -20~+50
XMP-200F 2.0~160 ±1 220V±10 -20~+50


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