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Flour Mixer


Flour Mixer


- This machine is designed for mixing different material including powder, liquid rapidly without least classification again in flour mill and feed mill.   
1. The rotor of the flour mixing equipment is in a patented structure which has led to a high efficiency for the mixing process. Specifically, the mixing uniformity (CV) could be lower than 5%, say 2%-3%, after blending for 45-60s.
2. Mature sealing technology is adopted for the shaft end seal of the flour mixer. The sealing performance is reliable and durable.
3. The bottom of the flour mixer comes with a double door structure, giving rise to fast material discharging, and little residue.
4. The discharging door of the flour mixer is designed using our exclusive sealing technology, which is quite reliable.
5. A lift type fluid spraying device, together with a gas atomization nozzle, is optional. The spraying performance is excellent, while the nozzle is easy to change.
6. An air return device is used to balance the inside/outside air pressure difference when the flour mixer is loading and discharging materials
- Widely applied in modern flour mills blend section to add ingredient in the flour or mix the flour for a stable flour quality.
- Also applied in feed mills for various formula feeds for different animal.
Type Volume(m3) Capacity(kg) Mixing Time(s) Uniformity(cv≤%) Power(kW) Weight(kg)
SLHSJ0.06 0.06 25


5 0.75 200
SLHSJ0.2 0.2 100 5 2.2 800
SLHSJ0.5 0.5 250 5 4 1300
SLHSJ1 1 500 5 11 3510
SLHSJ2 2 1000 5 18.5 4620
SLHSJ4 4 2000 5 30 5690
SLHSJ7 7 3000 5 45 8780


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