Product Description

Our flour batch scale, as a electronic batch weighting scale, features with a main frame of a round weighing hopper which is supported through 3 electrical load cells. Screened cable is used to connect the scale and a control unit meter which is controlled by the center blending and formula computer through RS485 type interface. This flour measuring device has been widely applied in flour mills, feed mills for mixing and mixing different flours or material with some additive ingredients.

1. Each batch our flour batch scale can measured could be 100kg, 500kg, 1000kg, or 2000kg.
2. The high efficiency weighing sensor is purchased from German HBM.
3. The weighting control instrument of this batch weighting system could be from American TOLEDO or Chinese first class companies. The instrument is certified according to the international quality control standards.
4. The precision of our flour batch scale could reach 0.2%.

Type Max. Weight
Min. Weight
Precision Time
Variety Shape Size
Max. Weight Min. Weight
FBPL250 250 25 2/1000 5/1000 4~7 1500 4~12 1710×1280×1700
FBPL500 500 50 2/1000 5/1000 4~7 1750 4~12 2340×1500×2300
FBPL1000 1000 100 2/1000 5/1000 4~7 2910 4~12 2620×1800×2530
FBPL2000 2000 200 2/1000 5/1000 4~7 3860 4~12 2980×2260×3040


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