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Flour Mill Machinery Pulse Jet Filter




Flour_Mill_Machinery_Pulse_Jet_Filter  Flour_Mill_Machinery_Pulse_Jet_Filter


1)Tangent air inlet design can first separate bigger dust particles to reduce the load of the filters. It also can be made square shape according to requirements.
2) High efficiency, particle < 1 um, efficiency > 95%; Particle > 1 um, efficiency > 99.5%
3) 2 or more filters can be controlled together as one unit. 
4) High quality filter cloth ensures the de-dust efficiency and wear resistance.
Steel frame sleeve/ Spring frame sleeve:Made of high quality material to support sleeves.
Dust sleeves is a key part in the operation process of the sleeves type jet filter. With the ideal filter the sleeves has good aspiration performance and high dust removal efficiency, and has a certain acid resistance, alkali resistance and heat resistance, it also has elasticity, so the dust removal effect is good, and the dust removal rate can reach 99.99%. The material of sleeves can use anti-static, waterproof materials according to the requirements.
The solenoid valve can control injection sleeve, without mechanical wear and error.
Pulse controller:Easy to adjust the gap time and injection time of the injection sleeves.
The design of the inspection door made the replace of sleeves more easily. The jet filter can be made into clamshell type, and the sleeves can be optionally extracted and replaced at random without the workers entering the machine body

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