Product Description

Flour Mill Equipment Micro Feeder


1. Principle

Mainly comprised of the storing bin, bracket, beaters and detacher fittings, material reflux screw, gear motor and level detector.
The materials are added into flour steam through a screw feeder controlled by a various-speed gear motor. Beaters and detacher fittings can eliminate the choke inside the storing bin.
2. Features
Advanced design and excellent fabricating.
The level detector on the storing bin can control the material status by the centre control cabinet, and can inspect the material status through the inspection window.
Digital display meter is mounted on unit for speed monitor.
Made by stainless steel, high sanitation.
3. Application
Can add different ingredients into the flour through this machine.
Starch, gluten can also be added by this machine.
4. Specification
Flour Mill Equipment Micro Feeder
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