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We are a professional grain conveying machinery provider. Our premium TDTG series bucket elevator is one of the most economical solutions for granular or pulverulent products handling. The buckets are fixed on belts vertically to transfer material. The materials are fed into the machine from the bottom and discharged from the top.

This series equipment comes with a maximum capacity of 1600m3/h. It is widely used in the warehousing system for wheat, rice, oil plant seed, and some other grains. In addition, it can be also used as a grain processing machine for flour factory, rice factory, fodder factory, and so on.

1. This grain elevator can efficiently avoid the accumulation of products, minimize the breakage risk and start smoothly with bucket full and boot 1/3 full of grain. The bucket elevator can operate continually under full load condition.
2. The head and boot sections of the machine are completely dismountable and are fitted with replaceable wear resistant buffer plates.
3. The inspection doors are available on both sides of the head and boot sections.
4. The belts are of at least three layers of rubber with nylon but also depend on the capacity and height of the elevator.
5. The casings of the bucket elevator are mounted by flange connection with the rubber gaskets, and have excellent dimensional accuracy and precision.
6. All pulleys are statically and dynamically balanced, and they are covered with rubber for a high resistance without slide.
7. The pulley bearings are of the double row spherical self-aligning type. They are dust-tight and mounted outside the casing.
8. The take-up system is located at the boot section of the bucket elevator.
9. We use high quality gear box and gear motor. The bevelled type gear box comes with hardening teeth and is fully enclosed, while the oil splash lubrication technique is adopted. The Germany SEW gear box is available to meet customers' special requirements.
10. Complete set of safety unit is designed for our bucket elevator. Each tail pulley shaft is fitted with a speed sensor and the backstop unit is mounted to prevent the belt from falling backwards in the event of a power failure.
11. Steel buckets or polymeric buckets are available.

Type Transmission Ratio Speed(m/s) Capacity(t/h)
Flour Wheat Flour(r=0.43) Wheat(r=0.75)
TDTG26/13 9-23 0.8-1.2 1.2-2.2 1.2-2 6.5-9.5
TDTG36/13 9-23 1.2-1.6 1.6-3 2-3 8-12
TDTG36/18 9-23 1.2-1.6 1.6-3 4.5-6 16-27
TDTG40/18 9-23 1.3-1.8 1.8-3.3 5-7 22-34
TDTG50/24 11-29 1.3-1.8 1.7-3.4 8-12 30-50
TDTG50/28 11-29 1.3-1.8 1.7-3.4 9-13 40-65
TDTG60/33 13-29 1.5-2 1.8-3.5 25-35 45-70
TDTG60/46 13-29 1.5-2 1.8-3.5 32-45 120-200
TDTG80/46 16-35 1.7-2.6 2.1-3.7 36-58 140-240


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