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This high efficiency bran finisher is designed for detaching endosperm particles adhered to the bran to increase the extraction of flour in flour mill. The removal of bran is also good for the following processing like milling and sieving. Additionally, it can be also used as the end step for treating the bran separated at the end of the production line, further reducing the flour content in bran. Our products feature with small size, high capacity, low energy consumption, user-friendly operation, easy repairing procedure, and stable performance.

The bran flow is tangentially fed into the bran finisher through the inlet and seized by the rotating beaters and detached against the impact wall and the screens. The bran is detached repeatedly and then the adhering endosperm falls off from the bran and goes through the screen while the bran is beaten and pushed to the end outlet. The polygonal sieve exerts retarding influence on the bran which rotates with the rotating beaters, thus higher sifting efficiency can be achieved. It's better to connect the bran separator to an aspiration system if the screen throughs are not pneumatic transferred.

1. As an advanced grain processing machine, the bran finisher is excellently manufactured according to an advanced design solution.
2. The dynamically balanced rotor can ensure the smooth running.
3. The rotor's beaters are adjustable.
4. Different screen perforated openings are available for different requirements. 
5. It comes with individual drive and only needs low power supply.
6. The bran finisher comes in two kinds of sizes and capacities. It can be installed at left side, right-hand, or both sides.
7. The boring mill is used for processing the two bores at two sides of the rotor, ensuring the precise coaxiality.
8. The screens are made of stainless steel and are in prismatic shape in the peripheral direction, making the separation performance quite good.
9. With the special rotating beaters, the production capacity and processing performance are both very desirable.
10. The screen of the bran finisher is easy to be adjusted and interchanged.

Type Sieve Tube Diameter
Sieve Tube Length
Space between Rotor
and Sieve Tube
Main Shaft speed
Shape Size
FPDW30×1 300 800 ≥ 9 1050 2.2 0.9~1.0 7 320 1270×480×1330
FPDW30×2 300 800 ≥ 9 1050 2.2×2 1.8~2.0 2×7 640 1270×960×1330
FPDW45×1 450 1100 ≥ 9 1050 5.5 1.3~1.5 7 500 1700×650×1620
FPDW45×2 450 1100 ≥ 9 1050 5.5×2 2.6~3.0 2×7 1000 1700×1300×1620


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