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Air-Recycling Aspirator




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Working principle

The material falls onto the material balancing plate and accumulates a certain thickness, to prevent the fresh air flowing into the aspiration channel. Low density impurity following with air from aspiration channel flows into the separation area when the material flows into the aspiration channel. The separation effect can be adjusted by the adjusting plate. The separated low density impurity enters into the separating cylinder following with circulating airflow. Under the influence of separating cylinder, the low density impurity will be separated from airflow and fall into the dust collecting chamber. And then the low density impurity enters into the screw conveyor airlock guided by the collecting screw conveyor at the lower part of the collection chamber and then discharged by the screw conveyor airlock. The fan sucks the purified air and returns it to the aspiration through the return channel.The purified material is directly entering into the outlet hopper. The pressure valve is opened under the influence of the gravity of the material, then the material is discharged and enters into the next process.




Technical Parameter List


Additional Aspiration Volume(m3/min)

Weight (kg)

Shape Size
Pre-cleaning Cleaning Pre-cleaning Cleaning
TFXH60 35-40 7-9 0.75+2.2 8 4 400 1240x1005x1745
TFXH80 45-50 10-12 0.75+2.2 9 5 430 1440x1005x1745
TFXH100 60-65 14-16 0.75+2.2 10 6 460 1640x1005x1745
TFXH125 75-80 18-20 0.75+2.2 11 7 500 2300x1005x1745
TFXH150 95-100 22-24 1.1+2.2x2 12 8 660 2550x1005x1745
TFXH180 115-120 26-28 1.1+2.2x2 13 9 780 2850x1005x1745


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